Indiana Pen Store Closing

Avalon is a well known name to pen collectors, and their Private Reserve inks were at the forefront of the current rainbow of colors available.

Avalon closing after 27 years on Main Street

Avalon closing after 27 years on Main Street

You’ve seen her on Main Street for the past 27 years. Soon, she will be letting go of her brick street storefront and focusing on online sales.

Susan Schube, owner of Avalon Jewelers at 275 S. Main St., has been in the business for more than 30 years….

…The store originally sold custom-made jewelry and gems and then expanded to fine art, estate items and fountain pens.

Johnson and Schube offered vintage and antique pen restoration, an uncommon service for jewelry stores at the turn of the century. They even sold their own ink — Private Reserve Ink….

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