Pelikan’s Latest Souverän M800 Size

The Souverän M800 (the Ocean Swirl is technically an 805 since it has silver trim) is one of my favorite pens.  It’s size is large yet not cumbersome, and it writes flawlessly.  I love the classic green stripe, but also enjoy the variety that has been available in recent years.

The Ocean Swirl Pen From Pelikan

  Special Edition Pelikan Ocean Swirl.

…This new Pelikan Ocean Swirl, available in November, is indeed beautiful. After all, who doesn’t like the soothing colors of the sea, and teal, in my opinion, is a perennial favorite. But like all things Pelikan, it is more than just a pretty pen. Part of the Souverän line, this M805 is a substantial pen, but perfectly balanced and amazingly appropriate for most hand sizes. What makes it an M805? While no different from the Souverän M800 in its size, the 805 refers to the silver-colored trim on the pen, which in this case is palladium plate with a rhodium plated 18-karat gold nib. Incidentally, an M800 was the first object of my pen affection many years ago, the Toledo, and I still hold the entire Souverän line in high regard….

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