Pens as an Investment

That’s a line more likely to be written by a pen seller than a pen collector.

Luxury investment: your guide to buying a precious pen

Writing instruments are a globally collected product, and tend to hold their value over time  

Dunhill Namiki Golden Tiger and Black Cat. Courtesy Bonhams

…This might explain why stationery is an important market for both age-old auction houses and modern-day shopping portals. “Many of our clients say they appreciate fine pens precisely because they represent a respite from the digitisation of everything. The very act of using a fountain pen is, in a sense, a small rebellion against the trivialisation of the art of writing,” says Ivan Briggs, director of writing instruments at Bonhams auction house.

From an investment viewpoint, the preciousness of a pen is directly proportional to its rarity. Accordingly, an upcoming Bonhams auction will include such specimens as a Pilot-Namiki maki-e pen from the 1930s decorated with a Japanese fan motif, by artist Shogo; and a Parker Ultra-Giant hard-rubber fountain pen, circa 1905, which holds a red Baby pen within its barrel. Although the latter is fully functional, it’s too large to comfortably write with, and will work best as a display piece….

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