Sheaffer Star Wars, cheap but appealing

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I bought these.  I like fountain pens and I like Star Wars, and maybe they’ll be collectible some day.  (How many of us have made purchases with that logic before?)  Not sure they’re worth the $15 for any reason besides the pop appeal, but I don’t regret the purchase.

Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. Presents Star Wars™ Collection

Providence, RI. Sheaffer Pen & Art Supply Co. proudly presents its first collection in honor of one of the most successful entertainment brands of all time, Star Wars™, in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm. This collection is guaranteed to be a must-have item this holiday season for any fan.

The Star Wars collection is comprised of refillable writing instruments, matching carry-all pouches and journals all designed to commemorate three of the most iconic characters from the series: R2-D2™, Darth Vader™, and Yoda™. The Sheaffer Pop is available with gel rollerball or fountain pen technology, creating a versatile yet elegant and fun-loving pen….

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