Pen retailer in Dallas-Fort Worth.  (Not sure that the author’s characterization of $200 as “expensive” for a fountain pen is consistent with my experience though.)

Next, I go to Kinokuniya, the bookstore. It’s one of the largest bookstore chains in Japan. This was their first DFW branch, which opened in February; they also opened one in Plano in April.

It can be a sensory overload, with books, anime, Japanese fashion magazines, bento boxes, and stationery. They have the most beautiful cards and paper you’ve ever seen. The cards have a hand-drawn quality, and the paper is really nice. I have a secret stash of paper products. I have a problem with paper. This is a dangerous store for me to go into.

They have large sheets of wrapping paper that would be good enough to frame, like maybe the parts of a flower. That’s so cool, it’s something I want to look at every day, and they’re $5. Why wouldn’t you want to buy one of everything and frame it?

I always look at the fountain pen section since my son Conner has an obsession with fountain pens; apparently there’s a fountain pen movement including a fountain pen forum where you can buy and sell pens. The pens at Kinokuniya can be expensive, up to $200.

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