Fountain Pens for Women

There was a decent photo of some of the recommended fountain pens with this article that I failed to capture.

Fountain pens become more fashionable for women

…According to Yuko Matsuo of Kingdom Note, a writing materials specialty store in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, there is increasing interest in fountain pens among women nowadays.

“When choosing fountain pens, women place more importance on comfort while writing,” she said. “They enjoy using the pens in their private time, too.”…

…“It’s not unusual for women to start using a fountain pen simply because they want to use a particular color of ink,” Matsuo said. She added that there are fountain pen lovers who change the ink cartridge and clean the pen nib so that they can use different colors according to the season, or even use different pens for different colors….

…Matsuo recommends for women is Platinum Pen Co.’s Celluloid series. One particular product from this series is cherry blossom-colored and adorned with a pretty pattern. Nowadays, stationery made with celluloid, a type of synthetic resin, is said to be of particular value as its smoothness in one’s hands can be fully appreciated.

Matsuo also recommends German maker Graf von Faber-Castell’s Classic edition, platinum-plated fountain pen in Pernambuco wood. The wood casing increases its luster and distinctiveness through long use.

For women, fountain pens that are relatively slim should be easy to use….

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