Does your Staples still carry Fountain Pens?

Mine doesn’t, unless you count an occassional Sheaffer No-Nonsense.  They used to have a pretty decent selection including Sheaffers, Cross and maybe some others.  In fact, that’s where I bought the Prelude fountain pen that got me started down this slippery slope years ago.

I digress; this article is actually about the distraction that fountain pens can be.

Snyder: The strange myth of multitasking

…Staples was my first stop. When I got in there I walked by the pen section. I never can walk by the pen section, I always have to stop and examine all of the pens they have there. I have a nice pen collection and I am always looking for some pen that I do not have. You never know when you are going to find something that you do not have.

I love the fountain pen section. As I was looking at the fountain pens, I saw one was on sale. For someone like me who is addicted to pens, especially fountain pens, this was the end of the road.

It was a beautiful pen and was only half price. How in the world could I resist this?

As I examined the pen, I realized I did not have one like this in my collection. Even if I did have one like this in my collection, the temptation to purchase would be overwhelming.

Therefore, I did what any pen obsessed person would do. I took it to the counter, talk to the cashier about this wonderful pen and told her how it would add dignity to my pen collection. She chatted back and told me that it was a beautiful pen.

Finally, I paid for the pen and walked out to my truck.

All I could think about was that wonderful new fountain pen. I could not wait to break in this new fountain pen, which is a delicate ritual that I enjoy so much. I was so happy and excited about it.

When I got home, I hurried inside so I could show this brand-new addition to my pen collection to my wife and have her join me in admiring it.

She glanced at it somewhat nonchalantly and then stared at me with one of those stares. It was one of those stares that indicated I was in trouble. I could not for the life of me figure out why I was in trouble.

With both hands on her hips and staring at me she said, “Where are the groceries I asked you to pick up?”…

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