Red Bird. New from Pelikan

Uch.  I didn’t plan on succumbing to covering articles on giving pens as gifts for Valentine’s Day, and I didn’t plan on finding another pen that I’d like to own, but I caved when I read this.  Pelikan pens are great writers and their limited editions are reasonably reliable at holding their value.  Plus it’s a great looking pen!

A New Fountain Pen From Pelikan: Another Reason To Love Red

Pelikan M101N Bright Red. Photo Credit: Pelikan

Pen lovers know that the color red has long been a coveted hue in pen collections because of its relative obscurity and hence its desirability in a mostly black-pen world. During the heyday of fountain pen making, for example, red hard rubber fountain pens were considered the pièce de résistance, and today they earn high dollars at auction—particular those with precious metal overlays.

Pelikan, the German pen maker dating to 1832, Hanover, recently shared its new Special Edition pen called the M101N Bright Red . While the M101N has been around since 1937, it has in more recent years comprised various iterations such as the Tortoiseshell Brown, Lizard, Jubilee (which commemorated the 175th anniversary of the brand) and Tortoiseshell Red. But this Bright Red, I must admit, is a real departure—not only in color, but also in its verve….

A New Fountain Pen From Pelikan: Another Reason To Love Red

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