Bexley Pens: American Made

I really like Bexley pens and own more than a couple.  They incorporate great designs, some very unique and some very reminiscent of vintage pens.  Their materials are varied and attractive, they’re not afraid to use a variety of filling systems, and the price point is good.  Oh, and they write great!

Bexley Pens: American Made


Drawing inspiration from classic designs from the past, the Bexley pen company has thus far led a relatively short—though eminently successful—life, having been founded in 1992 by a handful of pen enthusiasts. After decades of admiring, collecting and restoring vintage writing instruments, their intent was to use modern technology to recreate American classic designs reminiscent of the Golden Age of Fountain Pens. Today, Bexley does just that, manufacturing high-quality writing instruments in Columbus, Ohio, and distributing them to dealers around the world…

Bexley Pens: American Made

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