Global Pen Sales, Handwriting, Pens as Art/Jewelry

This article covers a lot of ground, but what really grabbed me was that their opening comments about coexistence of fountain pens and iPads…

Marc Gilbert counts at least a dozen electronic devices, including two tablets and multiple smartphones, in his personal cache. But he also owns some 20 fine pens, in roller ball and fountain styles.

Some pens are limited editions, and he’s paid as much as $500 for one on a whim. His favorite is a green, Swiss-made Caran D’Ache Léman he’s had for at least 15 years, the price of which he’s long forgotten, that he relishes talking about in the same way a classic car enthusiast might.

“I enjoy the act of writing, despite what may be the world’s worst handwriting,” said Gilbert, a mobile-game developer in Chicago. “I rotate the pens in and out, and some show the wear. I don’t mind that. If you go too high-end, they sit in a case.”

And for the numbers crunchers among you…

Pens still a mighty tool for those who don’t see the digital handwriting on the wall


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