Another Clean Pen Design

Another new streamlined design in titanium and aluminum.  Great looking pens.  Anyone have any info on how they perform?

The ultimate gift - Two indestructible TITANIUM ,curvaceous, ink fountain & rollerball/fineliner pens in a solid, cnc-machined capsule.

Mr. Kostas Metaxas is an award winning artist and designer. His recent projects, among others, include precious gold and platinum “Haute Creation” Fountain pens and Lighter art-objects for Paris-based S.T. Dupont, a collection of Tourbillion Table Clocks for Swiss brand Matthew Norman and a range of Hi-End audio amplifier sculptures that wouldn’t seem out of place in MOMA.

His latest pet project is the creation of STYLOS writing instruments. A unique design which combines a universal nib housing with virtually indestructible construction.

Stylos. A New Indestructible Titanium Fountain Pen/Rollerball Pen Set Housed in a Machined Aluminium “Pen Capsule” – The Ultimate Him/her Gift for the Festive Season

Also on Kickstarter, where there are a number of additional pictures showing an appealing varieity of colors and finishes: Stylos Titanium Ink Fountain & Rollerball, Fineliner, Pen



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