Fountain Pen Comeback? Were they Gone?

This is a fun article, especially since I know most of the people in the article.

You know that old fountain pen in the back of the desk drawer? The one behind the box of paper clips and Swingline stapler?

Don’t throw it away.

That’s right – Send it to me!!

Old fountain pens have value, and new ones have a millennial appeal, said Brad Bodart, owner of Daly’s Pen Shop in Wauwatosa, the oldest pen shop in the U.S…

…“I probably save 2,000-plus vintage pens a year from being thrown out,” he said. “Seniors come in with their collections and we get to talking. Everyone has a pen story to tell.”

 …A good fountain pen is a piece of precision engineering, say aficionados who have a passion for nibs and inkwells. Collector Susan Wirth of Milwaukee got hooked when she first discovered the right fountain pen, equipped with an italic nib, could create lines and loops that flowed from thick to thin on the downstroke, drawing attention to her written words….

…Brian and Lisa Anderson, owners of Anderson Pens in Appleton, first met while bidding against each other on eBay over some vintage Esterbrook pens. Both collectors, they cost each other a great deal of money before they called a truce, and decided to marry at the Chicago Pen Show in 2010…

Classic fountain pens making comeback

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