A Visconti Crafted from Lava

This one in the original bronze trim has been on my wish list since it came out but I haven’t pulled the trigger.

Italian Penmaker Visconti Creates a Pen from Volcanic Lava

The collection in available in a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint.
The collection in available in a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint.

…The original Homo Sapiens collection, so named for the “big bang” connotation of volcanic eruptions and such, was trimmed in bronze in a nod to the Bronze Age, concurrent with the dawn of writing. It came in a fountain pen, capped rollerball, ballpoint and pencil. Since that time, another iteration, named the Homo Sapiens Steel Age, was introduced. Trimmed in stainless steel and retaining the original lava-sourced body, it was designed to symbolize man’s technological advancement. It, too, came in four writing modes….

…Most recently, a new era is being explored with the Homo Sapiens Dark Age. And though the Dark Ages signified cultural decline, a pen, in my opinion, will always be a symbol of the written word and synonymous with culture. I prefer to think of its name as simply a description of its dark good looks, thanks to the glossy-black PVD-coated ruthenium trim, which is an elegant contrast to the matte pen body. The collection includes a fountain pen in two sizes—oversized or regular, a rollerball, ballpoint and pencil….


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