More expensive pens

Again, add some precious metal and stones, and the price goes up.  Most people would think that the pens I tend to carry in my pocket are exorbitant, but they pale in comparison to these.

These handcrafted pens cost as much as a Hyundai hatchback


Art doesn’t always come framed and hung on a wall.

Sometimes, it comes in the form of a Rs 7 lakh CARAN d’Ache’s Edouard Shiva Fountain Pen. William Penn, the multi-brand retail store housing premium writing intruments, has just launched an exhibition showcasing some of the world’s finest limited edition pens. Check out the Visconti’s Extase D’oud Fpen Vermeil 23k (Rs 3.65 lakh) and the AP Limited Edition The Dancing Ganesha (Rs 2.75 lakh). Or if you’re looking for a more pocket-friendly whip, the Montegrappa’s Coelho Silver which will leave you about Rs 1.70 lakh lighter. The famous John Lennon Special Edition fountain pen by Mont Blanc is also slated to make an appearance.

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