Pilot Pens at the Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Gifting Lounge

Pilot will be showcasing two Maki-e pens; the Namiki Emperor Owl and the Namiki Yukari Royale Dragonfly, and four additional pens including the Vanishing Point and the G2 at the GBK celebrity gift lounge See the full press release: Pilot Pen Celebrates 'The Gold Standard' In Writing Instruments During 2016 Golden Globes http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pilot-pen-celebrates-the-gold-standard-in-writing-instruments-during-2016-golden-globes-300201586.html

Pilot Metropolitan: Reliable, popular and extremely affordable

Whenever I see a thread online these days asking about the best entry-level pens, the Pilot Metropolitan invariably is one of the top three mentions (along with the Lamy Safari and the Twsbi brand.)  I don't own this model myself, but based on other Pilot models I have used, it's a safe bet that in … Continue reading Pilot Metropolitan: Reliable, popular and extremely affordable